Basketball Court
Click here for current basketball court rules.
Hours of Operation
March 1st - November 30th 10 AM - 8 PM Daily
Access to the basketball court uses a turnstile that works in the same manner as the other secured doors at the clubhouse.  You pass your card in front of the card reader to the right of the turnstile, and you will then hear a click.  After the click, push the bars to your left to enter the court.
The systems permits one entry per card.  Trying to use the same card for more than one entry will cause the system to lock you out.
In order for guests to enter the basketball court, they must have a basketball court guest pass.  There are two ways to secure the guest passes.
  1. Each home may purchase up to two, basketball court guest passes, which can be used for a year and then need to be renewed at no further cost.  The passes cost $25 each, check or money order only and can be purchased from the management office.  Replacement of lost passes will cost $25 each.
  2. Basketball court guest passes for one day may be picked up at the fitness center.  You will need to leave your drivers license with the fitness employee.  Your drivers license will be returned to you when the passes are returned.  Replacement of lost passes is $25 each, check or money order and must be paid before you will get your driver’s license back.
Residents with young children may request a pass from the management office, free of charge.
Please click here to refer to the Policy Resolution No. 16-04 for the HOA policy concerning the use and reservation of the Basketball Court/Mutli-purpose Court.