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PWC School Boundary Changes Impact Us!!!
Posted on Nov 21st, 2016

This coming Tuesday, November 22nd at 7pm at Potomac High School Auditorium, there will be community meeting to discuss proposed boundary changes to the elementary schools on the Eastern side of Prince William County.  These changes will impact Port Potomac residents, either directly or indirectly.  One of the plans (of which there are 3), has the community split between attending Mary Williams Elementary School and Potomac Shores Elementary School.  The public will be presented with ALL THREE plans and then have time at the microphone to express their comments and suggestions.  The committee will then go back, tweak plans based on feedback, and hold another community meeting in December. The committee will present no more than 3 plans to the School Board for vote in January. 
It is IMPERATIVE that as many of our community members not only come to the meeting but also SPEAK at the meeting so their opinions are recorded.  If you or someone you know cannot attend the meeting, feedback can be given at the planning website:  At this site you can see all of the plans overlaid onto the maps.
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