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April 5, 2019 Port Potomac News and Updates
Posted on Apr 5th, 2019

Good Afternoon Port Potomac,
I hope you have been able to stay dry today with the rain showers.  The forecast for the rest of the weekend is dry and in the 70’s, so it should be a great weekend to get outside and enjoy.
Last weekend the Dog Park opening was a great success.  We had a great turnout of both people and dogs and both seemed to enjoy the sense of community.  I hope our residents and their dogs continue to enjoy the Dog Park and find it a place to talk to and enjoy their neighbors.
The Social Committee will be sponsoring the annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 20, 2019.  If you are interested in attending don’t forget to RSVP on
The Spring Yard is tentatively set for May 11, 2019.  Watch for more information as the date gets closer.
The Association continues to provide offsite fitness classes and when the weather cooperates, we have offered a few classes outdoors on the Port Potomac tennis court.  We will continue to offer these outdoor classes as the weather cooperates.  Attached for your use is the latest at home Fitness workout, provided by the Fitness Director.
For those of you who were interested in attending a meeting with county representatives concerning the commercial space at the front of the community as well as other issues that effect the community and our residents, Supervisor Principi has scheduled A Town Hall for May 1, 2019.  
As I mentioned a few weeks ago the Association has started the Spring Covenants Inspections.   The more common items we are finding that need attention are peeling paint, mildewed stairs, stoops or siding, fences or decks needing attention and mailboxes that need paint or numbers replaced.  The number one items that the Association is going to pay attention to this year is landscaping.  That includes lawns that are full of weeds or just weeds, trees and shrubs that need pruned and planting beds that are full or weeds.  Now is the time you should be applying pre-emergent weed killer and determining the best way to correct your landscaping issues.  Failure to correct these issues will result in a hearing and the possibility of monetary assessments.
Moving into the warmer weather, I would like to remind those of you that walk you dogs in the community that you are responsible for cleaning up after the pet.  This is a State, County statute and a Port Potomac requirement.

Have a great weekend.


Beth Cousino
General Manager
Port Potomac HOA
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