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Port Potomac News and Updates
Posted on Apr 26th, 2019


Good Afternoon Port Potomac,
Our landscape contractor, BrightView is finishing up on our first full service of the season.  There were a few issues, but the common grounds and storm ponds are all looking neat and trimmed.  There are a lot of weeds that were not taken care of by the pre-emergent, so I have requested a full weed treatment across the common grounds.
The F&G Committee is evaluating a number of tree maintenance proposals and will passing on their recommendation to the Board for action.  The plan that is being considered would remove all dead trees across the community as one project, then replacement where appropriate would happen over a longer period.  Not all trees that are removed will be replaced, it will depend on the specific area and if it is already over planted or if a tree is needed in a certain spot.  This does not deal with trees in your private yard or on your tree lawn.
We are hopeful that we have finally come to a meeting of the minds with the County concerning the temporary trailer.  I am waiting on a new stamped and signed copy of the trailer plans and believe that will be the last item the county will request.  I tell you this with some trepidation, because the process of the trailer permit has been a difficult one and we have thought previously that we were due for approval.
While pursuing the temporary bathroom trailer that would possibly allow up to open the outdoor pool, we discovered that the Health Departments requirements for the trailer would make it close to impossible, but the Fire Marshal and the Building Inspector who closed the building in the first place, are willing to consider allowing us to repair the locker rooms and open both pools.  The repairs have to be done under permit, which will slow down the project, but we are moving forward on the needed drawings, then the permit then the repairs.
One of our homeowners asked that I remind everyone that now that it is warmer, there are many children out on bikes and running on and off the streets.  Please slow down to 25 miles per hour, stop at the stop signs and keep a watch out for children running in front of your car.  This is a good reminder to pass on to all drivers in your family.
The next Board Meeting will be held on May 21, 2019 at the Dr. A J Ferlazzo Building 15941 Donald Curtis Dr. In the Cafeteria. The meeting will begin at 7 pm.
Port Potomac’s yard sale will be held on May 11, 2019

Have a great weekend.
Beth Cousino
General Manager
Port Potomac HOA
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