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Port Potomac News and Updates June 14, 2019
Posted on Jun 14th, 2019

Good Afternoon Port Potomac,
There is a lot to share with you today covering:
Clubhouse Repair Status
On-Site Office
Pool Opening
Summer Kids Camps
Trash Pickup
Fitness Information
Neighborhood Watch Training
Clubhouse Repair Status
The latest schedule submitted by the Interior Designer on the remaining Club House renovations is as follows:
July 9 – Schematic design phase complete
July 16 –Association reviews and approves schematic design barring possible changes
Aug 27 – Final Design development complete
Sept 3 – Association reviews and approvals design barring possible changes
Oct. 29 – Construction Requirements and Documentation Developed for bids complete
Nov 29 – Review General Contractor (GC) proposals
Dec 12 – GC Contract awarded and signed
Attempting to open the pools has created some delay (more below).  We are working with the designer to get back on track.  Once we have the GC proposals, we will have a better idea of construction start dates and the length of the project.
On-Site Office
Last week I told you we hopped to be in the trailer earlier this week.  We did have the inspection on Tuesday, but the electrical installation failed.  The issues were literally a missing screw, a missing plastic washer and bolt and an extra ground.  As of 10:00 AM today the trailer passed the electrical inspection.  The Management staff will be working on site and available to the homeowners as of Monday6/17/19.  Our first project will be to get the computers and ID card system up and running.  I’ll let you know as soon as that is completed.  We have missed the Port Potomac residents and are very happy to be back on site.
Office Hours
Monday-Wednesday 9 AM to 5 PM
Thursday 9 AM to 7 PM
Friday 9 AM to 2 PM 
Pool Opening
There have been multiple meetings with the County concerning the outdoor pool and what repairs are required.  The County currently is requiring all electrical components and wiring in the locker rooms and indoor pool be replaced.  If you think this doesn’t make sense, you are not alone.  The indoor pool was the only part of the clubhouse NOT to suffer any water damage from the pipe break.  The Clubhouse Designer’s engineer is putting together a revised electrical drawing to submit to the County.  Their estimate for the completion of the drawings is two weeks.  Best case, with no issues or delays:
July 14 - Plans completed, and permit application drafted and submitted to the County.
July 17-21 - County permit received
July 26th - Locker room repairs started (estimated at about 2 weeks)
August 12th – Earliest possible pool opening
Summer Kids Camps
The Kids Camps are completely booked.  This year we will be handling rain dates a little different than in the past.  Since we will not be able to move the kids into the Activities room if it rains, camps will not be held in bad weather.  The Fitness Director Pam Kolboski will email the parents close to 9:10 AM when camp is canceled.  So, if you’re not sure, check your email.  Never leave your child unattended while waiting for camp to start.  Please stay with the child until the camp employees are present.  We also ask that you make sure to pick up your child on time at the end of camp.
Trash Pickup
A few weeks ago, we sent out information concerning trash removal in the community, highlights including:
All trash for pickup must be inside the toter can; trash outside the can will not be collected
All toters must be placed at the curb, unobstructed, with the handles facing the house.
“Unobstructed” means that the toter must be 3’ from all other toters, cars, mailboxes, etc.
These aren’t much of a change from how trash has always supposed to be handled.  With Patriot Disposal moving to Automated Side Loading trucks that use a claw to pickup your trash can, they are going to be enforcing these rules.  If you have a large item that you need removed, you can call Patriot Disposal Customer Service at (703) 257-7100 and schedule a pickup.  Landscape debris, branches and grass clippings must be placed inside the trash toter for removal.  If you feel you need a second trash toter for landscape items, you can contact Patriot Disposal customer service.  An additional can be rented for $45 and is not covered by Port Potomac HOA.  
Our Port Potomac maintenance person has noticed that someone has been dumping landscape debris at the storm pond off Steerage Circle.  Please, do not dump your trash, landscape trash, paint, oil or any other trash on the common grounds, especially near the storm ponds.
Fitness Information
Attached for your use is this week’s home workout “Every Minute on the Minute.”  Also enclosed is the June Fitness Newsletter and a flyer for the Christmas in July 5K Fun Run/Walk.
Neighborhood Watch Training
The next Neighborhood Watch meeting is July 15th at 7pm at 8900 Freedom Center Blvd. If you community has questions about Neighborhood Watch, I encourage them to attend this training. To RSVP, please email
Have a great weekend.
Beth Cousino
General Manager
Port Potomac HOA

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