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Port Potomac News and Updates 6/21/19
Posted on Jun 21st, 2019

Good Afternoon Port Potomac,
In this email:
Move to the Trailer
Upcoming Meetings
Special Meeting
Newsletter – Your opinion needed
Communication Committee Volunteers Needed
Trash Service Changes
Pool Opening
It’s been a busy week, with the Board meeting on June 18th and the Covenants meeting on June 20, as well as irrigation inspections and landscape pruning and cleanup going on.  The storm ponds are scheduled for a thorough cleaning and bush whacking as soon as they dry out enough to get the equipment in those areas.
Last week I told you we were moving the management team into the temporary trailer this past Monday, unfortunately the air conditioning unit did not work, and other arrangements had to be made by the owner of the trailer.  After a long week, we are in the trailer and available for anyone who needs ID cards or other information.
Office Hours:
Monday-Wednesday 9am-5pm
Thursday 9am-7pm
Friday 9am-2pm
There are a number of Port Potomac Business meetings in the next month.
Facilities and Grounds Meeting - June 25 - 7:00, Ferlazzo Building, Locust Shade Room
Communications Committee Meeting - July 1 - 6:30, Ferlazzo Building,  Locust Shade Room
Social Committee Meeting – July 1 – 7:00, Ferlazzo Building, Locust Shade Room
Board of Directors Meeting -July 16 -7:00, Ferlazzo Building, Locust Shade Room
Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting - July 23 - 7:00, Ferlazzo Building, Locust Shade Room
The Board is holding a Special Meeting on June 27, 2019 at 7:00 pm to meet with the lead Designer from Lush Interior Design.  The meeting is tentatively scheduled at the Ferlazzo Building, Locust Shade room. (We are waiting on confirmation.)  The meeting is open to all homeowners, but there will not be an open forum for owner comments during this meeting.
The association has been discussing the issue of the community newsletter, which the association has put out in the past but has not published recently.  First, the Board is interested in your thoughts on this issue.  Do you want a newsletter and if you do, what type of newsletter do you want?  Please drop us an email with your thoughts.
The Association is in desperate need of volunteers for the Communications Committee.  There are a number of different ways to help.  You can write newsletter articles, take pictures at events, update our Facebook Page.  If you have an idea, the Association would love to hear it.
For the last few weeks we have talked about the new trash trucks, Automated Side Loading Trucks, and what that will mean to our trash service.  The new trucks are coming, but it will be at least a month or two before they go into service.  This means we have a little time to make adjustments to the way trash is placed at the curb.  If you need to order a second toter or have a large item to be disposed of you can call Patriot Disposal Customer Service at (703) 257-7100.
The last items I wanted to mention today is the outdoor pool.  It looks like we will not be able to open the outdoor pool at all this summer.  The designer is still working out details with the County concerning the repairs needed to the building.  We will continue to pursue this permit so that the indoor pool can be opened, hopefully in the next few months.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy the beautiful Weather.


Beth Cousino
General Manager
Port Potomac HOA 

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