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Lawn Care from Prince William County
Posted on May 7th, 2020

Good Afternoon, 
With beautiful spring days ahead many people are excited to get outside and work on their lawns and gardens. To get your lawn and garden care off to the right start,  Virginia Cooperative Extension staff can offer your organization Zoom meetings or educational videos on the following topics:
Lawn care
Alternative groundcovers  to turf grass
Getting Your Vegetable Garden Started
Troubleshooting in your Vegetable Garden
Weed management
Turf management
Master Gardener volunteers are just a click away to help answer your questions.  
Extension Horticulture Help Desk
Although Prince William County office buildings are closed to the public, the Extension Horticulture Help Desk staffed on weekdays by Master Gardener Volunteers is here for you virtually.  The Help Desk is managed by Master Gardener volunteers and is a wonderful resource should you have questions pertaining to your lawn and gardens.  You can reach out by email at  Also check out our VCE Prince William Master Gardener page or our Teaching Garden: VCE Master Gardeners of PWC page on Facebook for timely tips and research based information.
12 Steps for a Greener Lawn
Looking for tips for growing a healthier, more environmentally friendly lawn? The staff at VCE office is here to help! By following the 12 Steps for a Greener Lawn, homeowners can create a healthier lawn while also protecting water quality.
Common areas
Some common areas are well suited for turf.  However, not all landscapes are created equal.  If the common area has erosion or is not growing grass well, it may be time to consider alternatives.  Groundcovers, terracing, adding shrubs and native plants to prevent erosion, beautify your landscape and add property value can be a great alternative for those problematic common areas. 
Upcoming Zoom classes
Classes are held every Wednesday, 11:00 am to Noon.  To receive the Zoom link please register by noon the Tuesday before the class by emailing  
5/20 Ticks, Spiders and Snakes, and Poisonous Plants, Oh My!: Join us for tips on keeping your family safe from these summer hazards
5/27 Dealing with Problem Areas in your Home Owners Association Property:  Many properties in our area have common areas that are difficult to manage, have trees and shrubs that are in decline. Landscape committees and homeowners need some solutions. Join us for a presentation of some common problems and possible remedies using native plants.
6/3 Dealing with Deer:   Are deer your number one problem in your landscape? While there is no simple formula for combating deer damage, don’t raise the white flag just yet. Try some of these deer defying tactics instead.
6/10 Hydroponics:  Explore the concept and basic science behind hydroponics and how and why plants are able to grow without soil.
A complete list on classes and other useful information can be found at
For more information please email
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