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May 22, 2020 Clubhouse Update
Posted on May 26th, 2020

Port Potomac Homeowners,
Rescon continues working on submittals to provide to Lush for interior selections and is working with contractors on project drawings.  Rescon performed necessary mold remediation in the clubhouse this week.    We had a mold hygienist come out to meet onsite to review the pool house and he confirmed there is still a substantial mold problem inside the locker room from standing water inside the walls.  Rescon is working on a proposal to remove the additional areas affected with mold.  Lush is still working with PWC to approve permit revisions.  Management continues to hold bi-weekly teleconferences with Rescon and will continue to do so through the duration of this project.  
The indoor pool is currently empty, awaiting white coating and replastering.   The Board approved the necessary whitecoating of the indoor pool and this is scheduled to be completed within the next week.   Additionally, the Board approved the draining and cleaning of the outdoor pools  too as a precautionary measure since the pumps haven't been run since 2018.  The pool contractor will inspect the condition of the whitecoat to see if it needs to be replastered this year or if it can wait until next year.  PWC has just announced that pools within the county will not be open this summer.
The Board and Management met with the roofing contractor to review the roof installation deficiencies per the engineering inspection.  The roofing contractor has committed to correcting these deficiencies and we will have the engineer inspect upon completion to ensure the roofing work has been completed properly.
Brightview will be performing pre and post emergent turf treatment tomorrow, Saturday, May 23rd.  They will not be treating the turf today due to the rain.  Please stay off of the common area grass on Saturday.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!
Brightview has provided proposals for a multi-year, phased approach to beautify the common areas along Port Potomac Avenue to fit within our existing budget.   These proposals were reviewed by the F&G and then the Board.   The Board approved the overall multi-year plan.  The first phase of this project will include the beautifucaton of the front entrance bed and the medians along Port Potomac Avenue.  This will also include the planting of crepe myrtles near the old dog park later this year.  We are so excited about this project!  We hope you will enjoy these beautification efforts in this area and future planning beautification projects.  A big thank you to the F&G committee and Board members.  Come join the fun!!!  We are looking for new members for the F&G committee.  This committee has a huge impact on the community. Please consider volunteering your valuable time.  For further consideration please reach out to  We will gladly respond to you and provide you with more details! 
Your Covenants Committee volunteers have been reviewing the Design Maintenance Standards (DMS).  Upon completion of their draft, the community will have an opportunity to review and comment.  Thanks to our community volunteers that make Port Potomac the great community that it is.  We also appreciate homeowners submitting applications for their home and yard improvements.    If you have any covenant related questions, please contact our Covenants Administrator, Jaimie Ponce   Please keep your yard and home maintained at all times!  This time of year, the grass is growing quickly.  Please ensure your yard looks great.  If you don't have time to do it, please arrange to have it done.  It is part of the commitment to being a great community member and a great neighbor!
In an effort to continue building community,  we are asking the social committee to start planning the Grand Opening for the clubhouse and a holiday extravaganza during the winter holiday season.  The Social Committee is looking for some great volunteers to join the committee.  The goal is to plan and prepare for fun community events for all ages.  Please consider volunteering your valuable time.  For further information, please contact Management for details  We hope to hear from you!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and a heartfelt thank you to all who have served our country...
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