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Port Potomac News and Updates 5.29.2020
Posted on May 29th, 2020

Port Potomac Homeowners,
The county has approved our final permit revisions!!!  We should have the physical permits in hand next week.  Rescon has completed additional mold remediation this week which required demolition of all the tiled wall in the locker rooms.  The mold hygienist will be performing the necessary testing next Thursday to ensure the mold issue has been resolved.   This will involve encapsulation and final clean test.   We are scheduling the pre-construction with the county asap!  Rescon has met with the trim and door vender to review work and continues working on material submittals for architect's approval.  Management continues to hold bi-weekly teleconferences with Rescon & Lush and will continue to do so through the duration of this project.  
The indoor pool white coating and replastering will be completed by Tuesday, June 2nd.  The draining and cleaning of the outdoor pools  will be completed by June 2nd also. The outdoor pools will be inspected to ensure we can hold off on the white coating of the pools until spring 2021.    We do need to get the pool pumps running again to keep them operational, but in doing so, the outdoor pools will remain covered. 
The roofing contractor has committed to correcting the roof installation deficiencies and we will have the engineer inspect upon completion to ensure the roofing work has been completed properly.  The engineer will perform the roof inspection next week, June 3rd.

Brightview has performed both pre- and post-emergent turf treatment.  The shrubs in the front entrance bed have been removed.  The juniper in the medians has been removed and will be replaced with liriope.  They are small but will grow quickly.  Next week pruning will be done.  Brightview has reviewed the report the PWC Police provided during our community safety inspection and will also prune shrubs obstructing visibility around the clubhouse based on the recommendations in this report.  We hope you will enjoy these beautification efforts in this area and future planning beautification projects.  We are still looking for new members for the F&G committee.  This committee has a huge impact on the community. Please consider volunteering your valuable time.  For further consideration please reach out to  We will gladly respond to you and provide you with more details! 
We appreciate the creativity with sidewalk chalk but ask that this not be used on the brick pavers in the community.

Your Covenants Committee volunteers have been reviewing the Design Maintenance Standards (DMS).  Upon completion of their draft, the community will have an opportunity to review and comment.  Thanks to our community volunteers that make Port Potomac the great community that it is.  We also appreciate homeowners submitting applications for their home and yard improvements.    If you have any covenant related questions, please contact our Covenants Administrator, Jaimie Ponce   Please keep your yard and home maintained at all times!  It has been noted that there are a lot of weeds in the landscape beds.   If you don't have time to do it, please arrange to have it done.  It is part of the commitment to being a great community member and a great neighbor!
Please ensure your trash is tightly secured in bags in the trash toters!  Landscape waste must be bagged and placed inside the toters too.  
The Social Committee has contracted with Scoops 2 U to provide the community residents with free ice cream treats on Sunday, May 31st from 11am - 5pm, or until supplies are exhausted. The ice cream truck will be making loops around the neighborhood and handing out free treats.  All are welcome to partake. Keep an eye (and ear) out for Scoops 2 U on Sunday!

Please note that all streets and houses will be visited, so there is no need to congregate. Please keep social distancing guidelines in mind for you and your family.

The Social Committee will meet via Webex on Tuesday June 2, 2020 at 7:00 pm.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Management Team
Comment By: Matthew England
Posted on Jun 17, 2020

How about we stop wasting money on things like free ice cream (which most residents didn't get to partake anyways), and focus on getting the pools re-opened. This is now the second year the pools have been closed, yet no concessions have been made to the residents. We have been paying full HOA dues yet are not receiving the services and amenities we are paying for.