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Outdoor Fitness Class April 18, 2019
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Outdoor Fitness Class

Please join Claire for an outdoor fitness class. The weather is looking pretty good!
Core and More Outdoor Fitness class - Thursday, April 18th , 6:30 pm at the Tennis court.

Core & More: Body weight exercises that will help you burn tons of calories while strengthening your core with short cardio burst. Let's burn some calories together!  Bring your fitness matt.
April 5, 2019 Port Potomac News and Updates
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Good Afternoon Port Potomac,
I hope you have been able to stay dry today with the rain showers.  The forecast for the rest of the weekend is dry and in the 70’s, so it should be a great weekend to get outside and enjoy.
Last weekend the Dog Park opening was a great success.  We had a great turnout of both people and dogs and both seemed to enjoy the sense of community.  I hope our residents and their dogs continue to enjoy the Dog Park and find it a place to talk to and enjoy their neighbors.
The Social Committee will be sponsoring the annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 20, 2019.  If you are interested in attending don’t forget to RSVP on
The Spring Yard is tentatively set for May 11, 2019.  Watch for more information as the date gets closer.
The Association continues to provide offsite fitness classes and when the weather cooperates, we have offered a few classes outdoors on the Port Potomac tennis court.  We will continue to offer these outdoor classes as the weather cooperates.  Attached for your use is the latest at home Fitness workout, provided by the Fitness Director.
For those of you who were interested in attending a meeting with county representatives concerning the commercial space at the front of the community as well as other issues that effect the community and our residents, Supervisor Principi has scheduled A Town Hall for May 1, 2019.  
As I mentioned a few weeks ago the Association has started the Spring Covenants Inspections.   The more common items we are finding that need attention are peeling paint, mildewed stairs, stoops or siding, fences or decks needing attention and mailboxes that need paint or numbers replaced.  The number one items that the Association is going to pay attention to this year is landscaping.  That includes lawns that are full of weeds or just weeds, trees and shrubs that need pruned and planting beds that are full or weeds.  Now is the time you should be applying pre-emergent weed killer and determining the best way to correct your landscaping issues.  Failure to correct these issues will result in a hearing and the possibility of monetary assessments.
Moving into the warmer weather, I would like to remind those of you that walk you dogs in the community that you are responsible for cleaning up after the pet.  This is a State, County statute and a Port Potomac requirement.

Have a great weekend.


Beth Cousino
General Manager
Port Potomac HOA
March 22, 2019 Port Potomac News and Updates
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March 22, 2019 
Good Afternoon Port Potomac,
I was recently reading an industry publication, Common Ground and came across a landscape maintenance schedule that I thought you might find helpful.  The schedule presented follows below.
March – General cleanup of planting beds and lawn.  Apply pre-emergent herbicide to planting beds and lawns.   At the end of the month, begin shrub pruning of evergreens and flowering shrubs.
April – Complete pruning of evergreens and flowering shrubs.  Clean out all dead or winter plantings. Apply granular fertilizer to shrubs and lawns.  Turn on irrigation if existing.  Apply new mulch to planting beds. Edge sidewalks and planting beds as needed.
Late April – rake lawn to help dethatch.  Apply insecticides to lawn to control chinch bugs and grubs.
May – Apply 2nd application of granular fertilization to lawns.  2nd application of pre-emergent treatment for planting beds and lawns.
Of course there is much more that can be done, these are minimal recommendations.  If you are interested in learning more you can check the Prince William VA Tech Extension Office at
Management has been working with the fitness director to ensure we offer as many programs possible in our current circumstances.  We will continue to offer the 5 offsite classes and when the weather warms, we will be offering outdoor classes at the clubhouse when possible.  Pam is also working on setting up the summer camps for kids.  This year we are considering basketball, soccer and tennis camps.  More information on the camps will come out closer to summer. 
Attached is this week’s flyer for the home fitness workout. March Madness
The Board of Directors and Management is working diligently on moving ahead with the Clubhouse renovations.  The frustration level concerning the clubhouse is high for everyone, but we are doing everything we can to move things along.  It seems like we take on step forward and then two steps back.  The contract with the Interior designer has been signed on the Associations part and has been sent to the Interior designer for her signature and should be finalized in the next few days.  The written request to the County Health Department concerning the outdoor pool will be submitted early next.  Keep your fingers crossed that they approve our plan for the pool, and we are able to open the outdoor pool this season.  Prince William County has located the last form we need to move forward on the temporary office permit. We will keep your updated as the clubhouse situation changes and everything we have been waiting on starts to come together.


Beth Cousino
General Manager
Port Potomac HOA
New Fitness Class location - Yoga, Body Chisel and Zumba
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Thanks to the efforts of the Port Potomac Fitness Director, Pam Wise, we have been able to locate an offsite location to hold three fitness classes a week.  We understand that this is a limited class schedule and there is little flexibility in the times, but it is an opportunity to keep residents moving.  The Potomac Woods Assisted Living Facility has been gracious enough to allow no cost use of their facility.  We have invited any of their residents who would like to join us to do so.  Please make them feel welcome.

Residents must bring their ID Cards to the class, which it is available for residents only.  No guests or children will be permitted.  To assure the safety of the residents of the Potomac Woods Assisted Living Facility, the fitness instructors will meet our residents at the entrance to Building 2, five minutes prior to class and let everyone in the building.

Any questions on these classes, you may contact Pam at
Group Classes
Where:  Potomac Woods Assisted Living, 2001 Southampton St, Woodbridge, VA 22191 Building 2 
Starting February 18th
Monday: Body Chisel
Instructor: Claire
Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm
Description: For all levels. This class uses controlled moves emphasizing perfect form to define the body and build lean muscle mass. You’ll use resistance bands, and body weight.
Wednesday: Zumba
Instructor: Lianna
Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm
Description: The Zumba program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a one-of-a kind fitness program that will blow you away
Saturday: Yoga
Instructor: Audrey
Time: 10:00am-11:00am
Description: This class if open to all levels of practice. Your instruction will give you options and modifications throughout
Dog Park
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Finally, after years of waiting, the new dog park project is complete. The dog park will open spring of 2019 to give the grass and landscaping time to take root. Please stay tuned for the opening of Port Potomac HOA  dog park in 2019.
Security Contractor for Port Potomac
Posted on Jan 17th, 2018
Port Potomac HOA has hired a new Security Company, SOS Security, LTD. to handle security services for the community in 2018. (Start date January 16, 2018)  There will be an officer on site from 8 pm to 4 am every evening doing patrols.  To reach the patrol officer during their shift you may call 571/251-2470.   
Should you notice anything you want to report that is not urgent or you have a question for the security company, you can call SOS Security, Mr. Robert Salba at 703/862-2040 during normal business hours.  As always, any activity that warrants, you should call Prince William County Police, 911 or the non-emergency number 703/792-6500.
Assessment Payment Options
Posted on Mar 17th, 2017
Package Thefts
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Community Crime Prevention Tip
Porch Pirating
When having packages delivered to your home, beware of “porch pirating” — when a thief steals delivered packages from your doorstep or porch. Thieves can follow delivery trucks, watching for prime targets. These thieves commonly strike during working hours as many homes are empty at that time.
There are many steps that you can take to reduce the chance that your deliveries will be stolen. Here are some helpful tips to prevent the theft of your package.
·    Have your packages delivered to a location where someone can receive them in-person. A neighbor or relative who is usually home, for example, or your workplace if your employer allows it.
·    Encourage  your  neighbors  to  watch  for  deliveries  and  agree  to  secure  each  other’s packages. This includes being watchful for any stranger who is going onto porches for no apparent reason, or following delivery trucks.
·    Ask the shipper to hold your package at their facility. Most offer this service.
If you see anyone acting suspicious, call the police. Try and get as much information as possible; suspect / vehicle descriptions, license plates, the last direction of travel and any other information that would help identify the thief.
Emergency: 911 * Non-Emergency: 703-792-6500 * Crime Prevention Unit: 703-792-7270
PWC School Boundary Changes Impact Us!!!
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This coming Tuesday, November 22nd at 7pm at Potomac High School Auditorium, there will be community meeting to discuss proposed boundary changes to the elementary schools on the Eastern side of Prince William County.  These changes will impact Port Potomac residents, either directly or indirectly.  One of the plans (of which there are 3), has the community split between attending Mary Williams Elementary School and Potomac Shores Elementary School. 
Final Capital Improvement Plan
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The final Capital Improvement Plan report is available. Click here and here to read the entire report. Your feedback is welcome at the upcoming Special Meeting on Thursday, October 8th, at 7:00 PM in the Clubhouse Great Room. See you there!